Steganos Trace Destructor 12 [GIVEAWAY]

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STEGANOS - Privacy Software made easySteganos Trace Destructor 12 is a trace deletion tool that will erase the traces of your activity from your computer and protects your privacy over the internet.

Every mouse click on the Internet leaves behind traces on your computer. The last video you watched online is stored along with your last query at a search engine. With just a click of the mouse, Steganos TraceDestructor will restore your privacy and delete any tell tale traces you leave behind on your PC – fully automatically if desired.

Features of Steganos Trace Destructor 12

  1. Work on your PC and surf the web without leaving behind any traces.
  2. Rid your system of web browsing tracks and other traces with just one click of the mouse.
  3. Destroy cookies, yet determine specific cookies you want to keep.
  4. Destroy instant messenger traces from MSM, ICQ, Trillian and other chat programs.
  5. Protect your personal favorites.
  6. Control more elaborate cleaning jobs with the Shredder Task Scheduler.
  7. Really safely remove deleted files from your hard drives with the Shredder.
  8. Use traceless drives that can be made to disappear instantly at the push of a button.

Giveaway of Steganos Trace Destructor 12

  1. Go to Steganos Trace Destructor 12  giveaway page
  2. Enter  your email address and click on the “Abschicken” button.
  3. Within a few minutes,  your free  license along with the download link (online installer) will be sent to your email address.

steganos privacy suite 12 - trace destructor

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