Tutorial windows 1 Response

Many people are bored with the look of Windows User Interface (UI) is used. I was so….. Therefore I use theme that is available free by the author on the internet. I am very grateful to them.

There are two kinds of desktop personalized I’ve ever used. Theme-packs based and msstyle. Actually both the same. It’s just theme pack is more complex, but more easily applied. Just click the EXE file and process run automatically. For example Windows 8 Skin Pack 3.0 by Hameddanger.

Apply msstyle often done by hand, one by one. Here will be discussed.

Msstyle themes used as examples is Base by =neiio. You can download it first. On that page there is also tutorial how to install, but if you are not clear yet….. please follow the following tutorial.

First, you must patch files uxtheme.dll, themeui.dll, themeservice.dll. So easy, leave this job on the tool Universal Theme Patcher. Run the tool to patch those three files.

Second, find file explorerframe.dll and shell32.dll from downloaded theme package before, and then place it in position (C:\Windows\System32\ –> if Windows 7 is installed on drive C). But you will not be able to do it if not do take ownership. There are two ways how to take ownership, by hand or with registry code. The easiest is with registry.

windows 7 custom UI - patch explorerframe dll file

Search for explorerframe.dll and shell32.dll original file, then rename, and enter the explorerframe.dll and shell32.dll which has been modified (obtained from the downloaded theme package earlier). Rename original file that serves as backup.

windows 7 custom UI - take ownership

Third, grab all files in the theme folder (package downloaded earlier) and put it in C:\Windows\Resources\Themes like the picture below.

windows 7 custom UI - theme resource

When you access the Personalize menu, then you will find the themes that had been newly installed. See the picture below. Just click one or other to applied it.

 windows 7 custom UI - personalize

Find another Windows 7 modified theme from http://windows7design.com/.


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