What Are The Stereotypes of Female Gamblers in American Movies?

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Movies have the potential to influence gambling perceptions and decisions. Unfortunately, most movies contain a lot of stereotypes of women gamblers. Research has shown women can do better in gambling than men. However, betting activities are often viewed as male-exclusive activities. In the movies, female characters are portrayed as weak helpers or good luck charms. Some movies portray them as troublemakers in casinos or breakers of moral benchmarks.

Portraying gambling as a male-oriented business

The gambling sector today has undergone tremendous changes. In the past, gamblers had to visit physical casino facilities to play and bet. Today, that has changed due to technological developments. A gambler today can connect to a real money online casino on their phone and bet.

In America, gambling was mainly started by settlers. It was later largely used by soldiers during the first and second world wars. Society saw men playing gambling and regarded women gamblers as morally perverted. When the development of movies took a faster pace, they portrayed casinos as male-oriented businesses.

In movies, women found in casinos were viewed as prostitutes seeking business from males. They were regarded as immoral women whose aim was to increase evils in society. The same stereotyping is seen in the best Netflix movies about the topic.

Taking decorative roles in movies

Movies often stereotype women as taking decorative roles in gambling scenes. They accompany men and sit by their side watching them gamble. A movie like “My Daughter’s Secret Life” shows a bride and her girls’ team going on a trip. As part of the journey, they pop into a casino. They decorate the moment but are not seen gambling. In most of the movies, women do not play a dominant role. They may encourage the dominant male character to play more to boost the winnings, but they remain passive players.

Are there women who gamble?

Out of the population that gambles in the US, 64% are male and only 36% are females. Nevertheless, women seem to make better gambling choices than men. Unfortunately, movies show women as more prone to gambling risks and addiction. More men visit gambling facilities while more women use apps to bet from home. The movies portray women gamblers as people suffering stress and depression due to losses made from bad gambling choices. American movies continue to portray a lot of stereotypes about female gamblers but it is time to change that mindset.

What Are The Stereotypes of Female Gamblers in American Movies?
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