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Switch Banner Maker is a website that provide free service to create a website banner that can be changing.

With Switch Banner Maker, you can make banner for your website with the size you want, including the number of images to be contained therein. You can do with just a few clicks. See the sample in the website.

Features of  Switch Banner Maker

  • You can specify the number of images that you used (max. 10 images)
  • You can specify the banner size
  • Personalized some setting: number button color, number button align, pause time, and show image number

Images used to create a banner is an image that already uploaded. You can not use this web application to upload images. So, you use the images direct link. For optimal performance, try to using images with the same size.

After making arrangements, the code will generated after you click Get The Code button. Then put the code in your website.

Switch Banner Maker: very easy and free to generate the changing banner


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