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Task manager application is application to set the applications being run, especially with problems.

For example….. running application Opera Mobile and sudden loss. No reaction when pressing the “red button”. Here is where Task manager application used. You can close the application that is jammed immediately. In addition, various information is also displayed.

Handy Task ManagerY-Task Manager

See the picture above. The left is Handy Task Manager application, and the right is Y-Task Manager.

Both application show the open applications (running applications), memory (RAM) status, and recent applications. Other uses of  this application is can be used as shortcut to run various applications.

Many application developers who create task manager applications. There are free and some are paid. Y-Task is one of the free application. And Handy Taskman are paid.

Other related application for Symbian S60, File Manager – X-Plore and Y-Browser.


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