3 Tips for Seniors Choosing a Cell Phone

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For seniors who never grew up with the same technology as younger generations, choosing something like a cell phone can seem overwhelming. After all, you may not necessarily be up to date with the latest technology trends, and much less up to date with what features to look for when shopping for a smartphone. 

Whereas once upon a time a cell phone was used for simply texting and calling, now it’s become an incredibly valuable swiss army knife of sorts that people depend on for their personal and professional lives on a daily basis. 

If you manage to choose the right one, it could not only be incredibly convenient, but it can significantly enhance your life and connect you closer to your loved ones. Here are some tips for people over the age of 70 looking to buy a cell phone.

Look For User-Friendly Features

One of the most important aspects of a phone that you should prioritize is ensuring that it’s user friendly. As a senior, your eyes may not be as good as they once were, and you may not necessarily be up for complicated and confusing interfaces. Look for phones with large and clear displays that will help you view images and read text more easily.

You want a straightforward phone with an easy to navigate menu so you don’t get lost trying to do something simple like make a call. Lastly, many seniors prefer phones with physical buttons as opposed to touch screens, since a lack of actual buttons may feel foreign and frustrating.

Health and Safety Features

Modern cell phones now come with built-in health and safety features which can be very helpful for seniors with health concerns. There are some phones that come with a dedicated emergency button that you can press and the event that you have an emergency, which will quickly call or message whoever you program it to. 

There are also health apps that can monitor your fitness levels, and even remind you to take special medications. If you really want to get advanced, you can connect these apps with a smartwatch that even has fall detection. This will immediately alert the right people that you need help.

Battery Specifications

As convenient as cordless phones can be, they also require charging. Battery life is something to consider when shopping around for phones, as you don’t want to spend hours a day worrying about whether your battery will last. You want a phone with high battery ratings that you know will last a long time. You may even want to consider opting for wireless charging which means you can simply place the phone on a dock rather than having to bother with plugging in a small connector to the base of the phone.

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