3 Tips for Playing Arcade Style Games in a Team

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Arcade-style games are fun to play! Whether you’re battling waves of enemies, competing in intense races, or trying to get those high scores, arcade games are one of the best ways for a thrilling escape from the everyday routine. Add in multiplayer games, and the fun broadens to include anyone – from high-school seniors to seniors in their golden years

So here are 3 tips for playing arcade-style games in a team. 


Gaming is all about strategy, which means communication among team members is the backbone of everything and it makes all the difference between winning and losing. 

For example, say you’re playing a team-based shooter game where one of your teammates spots an enemy hiding behind cover. You want this information communicated clearly, allowing your team to coordinate an attack, with everyone on the same page and working together to eliminate the threat. 

Use voice chat or text chat platforms to communicate with your team. Then, it’s a good idea to assign specific roles to team members based on their strengths and preferences. For example, designating someone as the shot-caller, point person for objectives, or support player.

Teamwork and Coordination 

Teamwork is more than just playing with others; it’s about playing as a cohesive unit. It means understanding each other’s role, being supportive, and executing strategies together to outmaneuver the opposition.

For example, in a multiplayer battle royale game, working together and complementing each other’s strengths is how you’ll increase your chances of surviving and winning the match.

You want to emphasize the need to work as a cohesive unit, encouraging team members to stay together, move together, and support each other during battles. Plus, every team member needs to understand their role within the team for proper cohesion – such as tanks absorbing damage, damage dealers focusing on eliminations, and supporting players healing and providing utility.


Arcade-style games are varied and being adaptable means staying flexible in your strategies and being quick to adjust when faced with unexpected challenges or changing game conditions as a team. 

Say you’re playing a real-time strategy game, and your initial plan to capture a key resource point is thwarted by an opponent’s unexpected counterattack. Adapting to the opponent’s actions together is how you can turn the tide of the match in your favor.

Be prepared to adapt on the fly not just by yourself but with your entire team. For example, practice learning to counter the strategies of your opponents in team play sessions. If you notice the enemy team consistently using a certain tactic, develop counter-strategies to neutralize their effectiveness together. 

Having a winning team to ace arcade games with is not impossible. On the contrary, there are simple things you can do! So try out clear communication, cohesive teamwork, and mastering adaptability.

To complete shared goals, team members have to bring together diverse viewpoints and build on them
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