Tips: battery saving when chatting

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Tips for battery saving while chatting.

Consciously or not, the battery of your mobile phone will quickly run out when used for chatting. This is because using the LCD backlight, realtime 3G data network, and ringtone …even simultaneously. This occurs in all types of mobile phones if used for chatting activity.

battery saving - use GSM only networkThere is one or other way that can be used to save battery consumption, that is always use GSM network. The biggest savings can be obtained from this. 3G network takes more battery consumption but provides better data transfer speeds.

But while chatting, no need quick data transfer… more stable data transfer is required. GPRS or EDGE (2G network) enough for this activity. With this way, you will get longer chat time than using dual-mode or UMTS network (3G).

Other settings affect

LCD backlight and ringtone are also consuming battery power. Adjust lighting levels to be lower, but keep it visible. Ringtone also eat battery power, but not much.

What about BlackBerry mobile phone?

BlackBerry cell phone battery famous extravagant, then….. how do I save it? Almost all of the facility require internet connection. Based on my experience, most savings come from not to use the 3G facilities. This will surely affect the data transfer speed, but I have no problem. I take a longer battery life.

For LCD backlight, I feel quite comfortable at level of 50%.

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