Tomb above the ground in Indonesia

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In Indonesia, there are some tribes who laid the cemetery on the ground….. not buried in the ground in general, ie by the Dayak of East Kalimantan, in the area Trunyan, Bangli, Bali by Bali Mula tribe, and in Tana Toraja – South Sulawesi Toraja tribe.

trunyan-bali mula-cemetery-2 Bali Mula, Trunyan – Bali

Bali Mula tribe is one of Bali’s indigenous tribes and not migrants from Majapahit Kingdom (East Java) in earlier times, who is a resident of Bali in general today. The corpse is placed on the ground under the incense tree.

Only 11 bodies were laid under the incense tree so that it does not smell. And just a normal death and a full-member body which is placed there. An unnatural death (suicide) would be buried in the “Sema Bantas”. Infants and children buried in the “Sema Muda”.

tana toraja - cliff cemetery - batu lemo Toraja, Tana Toraja – South Sulawesi

In Tana Toraja, graves above the ground are in some locations.

The photo beside shown the Batu Lemo, cemetery on the cliffs in the village Lemo – Tana Toraja. Bodies placed in the holes in the walls are made with a chisel and has existed since the 16th century. Mounted on the outside….. statues that symbolize the person buried there.

tana toraja - tree cemetery - bayi kambiraToraja, Tana Toraja (Kambira areas) – South Sulawesi

cemetery-steep rock londaIn Kambira areas – Tana Toraja, there is a funeral for babies where the corpse is placed  in tree holes that have been made previously. Then the hole was covered with woven palm fiber.

Toraja, Tana Toraja (Londa areas) – South Sulawesi

The next picture above is the grave on steep rock Londa. These tombs such as that on Batu Lemo. In the cave that is there, the corpse is placed in a coffin that has been set in accordance with the family line. Simply put the bodies….. not buried.

Source :, ANTARA News

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