Top 5 greatest football games of all times

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Top 5 greatest football games of all times. The best games of the past and current century.

Most football matches attract only avid football enthusiasts, who can’t even imagine missing a game of their favorite team and monitor all the major leagues events. However, football is not called the most popular sport in the world for nothing: this is one of the unique games that can attract even the people who are nowhere near soccer.

There are football matches that can be watched over and over again, and even people who are not really keen on watching sports are usually aware of at least the game scores or the most significant events of the game. So what are the legendary football games of all time that are still rewatched and discussed?

Argentina — England

  • FIFA World Cup
  • 1986

The great Diego Maradona, who will stay forever in the memories of football fans, made his inimitable Hand Of God goal during the game in 1986 against England in  the World Cup tournament. He also scored the second goal during this game; he has managed to pass by five players of the opponent team, which made his team the ultimate winners of the game and himself — one of the best football players of all times.

The game was quite unpredictable, and the goal scored by Maradona with the help of his left hand, was under the risk of being disqualified. Fans of England were furiously objecting against this goal and were crying out for not counting it in the total score; however, the judge strictly suppressed all protests. The second goal scored by Maradona was considered (and is still considered) the best goal in the history of soccer.

Manchester United—Bayern Munich

  • Champions League Final
  • 1999

This game of the Champions League stuck in memories of the spectators by the unexpected turn, that changed the whole course of the match. The game started with a goal scored by the Germans right on the sixth minute, and this seemed to discourage their rivals, among which was the famous David Beckhum. 

It was almost for sure that the game would end in the advantage of Bayern, because Manchester team members became confused and upset; however, the situation dramatically changed almost before the very end of the game. During the overtime, Manchester United shocked all viewers by scoring two unexpected goals with about half a minute between each.

The English team was struggling to win during the whole match, and their final victory was just a sting in a tail and gave this game a deserved place in the rating of the best football games ever.


  • World Championship
  • 1975

This game is peculiar by the performance of the Netherlands team: it was probably the most accurate and neat performance, and the work of all team members did not even give a hope for a victory to the opponents. This game of Netherlands was called the perfect example of football and it still remains almost inimitable and the final score became 4:0 in the favor of Netherlands.

Such an ultimate game was also unusual as it was the merit of all players acting on the field; it was a genuine enjoyment to watch over this perfect smoothly running mechanism.


  • FIFA World Cup Semi-Final
  • 2014

Let’s switch to the most recent games, and particularly the one in the semi-final of FIFA in 2014. This match became one of the most thrilling football games ever, but for the Brazilian team it became a real tragedy. German National team has a solid membership of very well trained players. However, everyone was almost sure that Brazil would become the winner of FIFA, and all onsite bookmakers and top sports betting sites were showing their confidence in Germany according to their low odds. Nobody could expect that Germany would score one goal after another, and finally end the match with the lopsided score of 1:7.

All citizens and guests of Belo Horizonte remember crying fans of the Brazil team and the dramatic atmosphere that covered the whole city.


  • FIFA World Cup
  • 2006

That World Championship was really successful for Italy, whose national team was in probably their best shape than ever before. This match was memorable for the narrow escape of Italians during the overtime, which was very thrilling to watch. At the very last minute, they managed to strike two goals, and end the match with the 0:2 score and gain the opportunity to play in the final of the World Cup. The stars of this game were Grosso and Del Piero, whose brilliant performance in the very last minutes of the match made them significant figures of world soccer and the game — one of the most exciting matches, which many football fans love to remember. - Best Sports Betting Sites
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