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Top Password Lock My Folders allows you to lock and encrypt your important or confidential files, in a password-protected folder that only you can access.

The protection works in real time without affecting your computer performance. With Military-level Encryption for Windows folders or files, you can be confident and comfortable with the warranty in accordance with the promised security.

Top Password Lock My Folders features

  • Simple and intuitive graphic interface.
  • Hide, lock your important folders & files for an extra layer of security.
  • Encrypt your private photos, documents, videos on your computer or a USB flash drive.
  • Secure your Windows folders / files by encrypting them on the fly.
  • Any files placed directly in the protected folder will be encrypted automatically.
  • Use advanced transparent encryption technology to encrypt your folders/files without performance loss.
  • No one can run or uninstall Lock My Folders program without your password.

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Top Password Lock My Folders Giveaway

Get Top Password Lock My Folders software license with free, 10 licenses available to be distributed.
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Top Password - Lock My Folders

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