Top Rated in Automotive Replacement Starters & Alternators

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The operation principle of car alternators has been known for a long time. The first unit was patented by Nikola Tesla — back in 1891. This part’s details have changed since then but the design of the generator has remained the same. This unit converts mechanical energy into electricity. The generated current is consumed to power car accessories and charge the battery. Let’s see what are the differences between car starters that are supplied to the market today.

Alternator Construction & Best Models of 2020

If people visit one of the major online auto parts stores in the USA, such as OBB Starters and Alternators, they will find dozens of different models on offer. Most alternators are attached to the engine with the crankshaft which drives the mechanism using a poly V-belt. The key elements of this part are a fixed stator and an electromagnet rotor which induces a current. Such an operation principle is typically for most of the models included in our Top 5:

  1. DENSO. The main advantages of DENSO generators are first-class assembly, affordable price that is adequate to quality. DENSO put its first generator into production in the 1960s. Since then, this company has created many innovative AC models. Most products are 100% OE specifications.
  2. Premier Gear. Model PG-14489 is ideal for Honda Accord. The manufacturer guarantees protection against overcharging or electrical failure. The use of high-quality brushes and other important components help to extend the life of the generator. According to many drivers, this is the best 2007 Honda Accord starter. Anyone can read the reviews of experienced motorists to make sure of this.
  3. Rare Electrical. This company is dedicated to producing replacement parts for popular models. Rare Electrical increases the value through high-quality workmanship. In addition to alternators, this brand sells starters, electric motors, water pumps, and even turbochargers. The 180 A Rare Electrical alternator is compatible with Ford F-Series 6.0-liter diesel engines from 2005-2007. But this is not the only model created by this company.
  4. Bosch. The brand’s standard generator was a low-power 110 A block. Today’s market is saturated with this manufacturer’s models which are technically more perfect. This company conducts computer tests on its generators to ensure quality and reliability. Last but not least, Bosch provides a one-year warranty on all new generators.
  5. DB Electrical. This company manufactures high-quality alternators that meet or exceed OEM specifications and offer new models for the Ford F-150 with a 5.4 L Vortec V8 engine which was considered the most popular one in the United States in 2002-2005.

In Summary

Let’s face it, all drivers have their own preferences. This applies not only to vehicle?s but also to the purchasing of spare parts. If we are talking about starters, people should pay special attention to the technical characteristics in order to avoid problems. The most important parameters are voltage, mounting type, dimensions. Last but not least, if you are a newbie, always consult with store managers. When people order through, they have no problem in this regard. This supplier is always responsible for its mission.

Top Rated in Automotive Replacement Starters and Alternators
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