Total Image Converter: with image transformation and watermark feature

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This converter software developed by Softplicity Research, is the same developer with web apps converter I have ever discussed in the article very cool and free online converter. It’s just desktop version (offline).

Let’s look at some of the advantages possessed.

total image converter - interface

Picture above is the interface of Total Image Converter. Looks like Windows Explorer with a large image preview, making it easy to choose an image for later editing done.

total image converter - logo watermark


Is one of the advantages of this image converter software. I rarely find this type of software that carries watermark feature. Let alone could make a watermark with a variety of shapes and even a picture or logo watermark.

total image converter - image editor (transformation)

Image Transformation (image editing)

With this software, you can also do simple image editing like crop, rotate, and resize. That’s enough for me that often put a picture on the blog articles.

total image converter - sample of logo watermark

Picture above is an example application of image watermark (logo). Writing that I mark at the top left image shows that the software is not a pure freeware. But you can still use it for free for personal purposes.

Interested to try and use this software?

Free download Total Image Converter

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