Track and Trace Solutions for Business

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Track and Trace Solutions for Business

Business development is a necessary process for every organization that wants to improve the workflow and increase income. A track and trace solution system is the best choice for stable business progress without unwanted interferences. Due to track and trace solutions, it is possible to determine all weak points in a supply chain, certify goods and products, and spot conditions for the prevention of damages, distractions, and losses of products. Workflow improvement and goods security require using technological innovations for digitalization of supply chain and products serialization.

Therefore, it is significant to find a qualified professional team with multiyear experience for providing track and trace solutions for your business. The crew of specialists will make an analysis of the strong and weak points of your supply chain, elaborate the strategy with a description of necessary tools and expenses, and ensure standing support and consulting. 

There are three of the most popular courses of track and trace decisions:

  • Compliant T&T projects. It is a course of providing track and trace projects in accordance with business peculiarities and client requirements. There is an opportunity to get a delivery of appropriate and pliable production and supply chain operations in obedience to the established regulations. This case helps to minimize any business risks in the most convenient and effective way.
  • Brand protection activities. Illegal trade can attack organizations and bring a detriment; so, the safety initiative carrying is mandatory. The company can get customers’ trust and loyalty only by implementing T&T techniques into authentic products’ turnover.
  • Digitalization and optimization of the supply chain. Optimization methods and the latest technological innovations are used for increasing the level of the supply chain. Every work process is transformed into a digitally controlled procedure. Additionally, digitalization operations improve demand forecasting, applying of the warehouse area, SC rate, SC protection, SC review.

Serialization of Goods and Products

Moreover, it is significant for stable progress to provide the serialization of goods and products. Serialization is a procedure of marking each product unit with an individual identifier that is appointed consequentially to every item. Individual serial numbers that are printed on your products will satisfy all demands of your clients and regulators as they require carrying more supply chain visibility. 

It should be mentioned that serialization activities allow avoiding precise numerical template. Also, goods that consist of many elements and subassemblies can have unique serial numbers on their components. In addition to serial number tagging, it is possible to get model numbers to define the belonging of a model to one or another item.

The serialization procedure produces accessible readable product codes for tracking them back to their originality. The consequence of this operation is the authorization of end-to-end traceability.

The advantages of goods and products serialization include:

  • Prevention of Minimum Advertised Price breach
  • Improvement of quality monitoring
  • Compliance with standards
  • Enhancement of recall administrating

Supply Chain Automation and Digitalization

Every component of any business supply chain is important because the chain is a mechanism that contains interconnected parts and cannot function without even one of them. Therefore, all companies want to develop the chain regulating process to simplify the workflow. The systematization of all workflow processes and their transformation into the automatic and digital sphere is a supply chain automation and digitalization. Automation allows increasing productiveness and efficiency as it brings more accuracy than manual labor. 

Automation and digitalization processes can be used for different aspects of a supply chain:

  • Payment details and invoicing
  • Fulfillment of an order according to its characteristics 
  • Renovation of working instruments
  • Development of a customer service
  • Picking and packing 
  • Variety of selling channels 
  • Perspectives broadening 

The improvement of customer service is a significant outcome of the automation process. Nowadays, every market is full of various propositions. The only way to avoid damages from the high competition is to offer qualitative and attractive services. The technological innovations give a possibility to satisfy every clients’ wishes and preferences. Moreover, due to digitalization, business owners can predict customers’ expectations and improve the communication methods.

The Value of Track and Trace Business Solutions 

It is interesting that the protection of a supply chain of a certain company has an impact not only on the progress of this business but on other organizations and persons as well. T&T decisions system positively influences:

  • Government controllers
  • Fabricators and supply chain users
  • Consumers
  • Worldwide business system 
  • Society 

Special government authorities need T&T solutions for fighting illegal trade and dark markets. The manufacturers are interested in brand security and marketing activities while fighting against counterfeits. 

Customers all over the world want to get high-quality and safe products in time. A supply chain digitalization and product serialization guarantee goods authenticity and safety. For global businesses, T&T solutions provide an increase in transparency level. Eventually, the entire society gets safe and original products in correspondence with actual requests. 

Track and Trace Solutions for Business
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