Tulamben dive spot: ship wreck

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Tulamben dive spot is very interesting to domestic and foreign tourists.

Tulamben dive spot is located in the district of Kubu, Karangasem regency, Bali. About 102 km eastward from the city of Denpasar.

Ship wreck coral reefs

A most favorite Tulamben dive spot sites is the wreck of the cargo ship USAT Liberty Glo, that drowned when a torpedo shot by Japanese soldiers when World War II. Initially the ship was shot in the Lombok Strait, then withdrawn for repairs to Holland. Because of severe damage, the ship was finally abandoned in Tulamben. In 1963, the ship sank from exposure to Mount Agung eruption.

After all this time lost, coral reefs began to grow and multiply there.

Why Tulamben dive spot location is a diver favorite ?

Ocean currents there is quite friendly with beginner divers, so it does not require special skills. Fish and coral reefs there are diverse, very beautiful….. Therefore, my friend who are photographer took a few photos on the site. Please see the photos below.
colorfull fish - shipwreck coral reef    coral reefs serve as breeding grounds for fish
tulamben dive spot - shipwreck coral reef    beautiful underwater scenery is very attractive local and foreign tourists
coral reefs should be conserved    swim with thousands of fish
tulamben dive spot - shipwreck coral reef

Article & photo source : Fotosintesa.com – The Precious Ship Wreck of Tulamben – Bali.

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