Universal file format for video on any mobiles [TUTORIAL]

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How to make videos that can be watched well on various types of mobile phones with just a free video converter software? It means having to use universal file format for video, so that it can be supported on all phones.

This tutorial from Belinda (SourceTec Software Co. Ltd.) about how to make universal file format for video that can be watched well on various types of mobile phones with just a free video converter software.

Once in a while I’ve shot a video for my child (she’s dancing with young brother) and would like to send it immediately to my families and friends’ cell phones. But I found it was really hard to do because they are all using different types of mobile phones. Some bought Apple iPhone 3GS or 4, while others were using Blackberry, HTC Sensation or Windows Phone. It wasn’t possible to do the sharing among those mobiles from different manufacturers. At the time, I felt frustrated and have to give up the sharing dream.

However, recently I came across a solution to make universal file format for video. I found a do-able encoding method which made output videos be played well on all mobile phones around me. I’m not sure if it can be called a universal video format or universal solution, but I’ve tested it again and again on so many mobile phones, computer, laptop and even iPad 2, to prove that it really can do the work. The result is not surprised. So, here I would like to share the solution to get universal file format for video and hope it will also help others who encountered the same problem.

The solution is quite simple. Generally speaking, the workaround is to select a specific one option of encoding methods in converter software, click the conversion button, and then the output video can be worked on many devices. The software I was using is sothink video converter, a completely free video converter software. I’m not sure if other converters have the same function, but this video converter from Sothinkmedia is what I used and got the universal file format for video occasionally.

universal file format for video - Sothinkmedia free video converter

When you launch the program, the steps are quite similar with those in other video converters. Just add source videos, do some encoding settings or remain the default and then start conversion. But there is only one step you must be careful if you want to get the universal output video format. In “Encoding Settings” panel, you must choose a specific profile “Google Android Video (*.mp4)”. It is the key point. I don’t know why it will work for all other devices not only just Google mobiles as it means. After conversion, the output mp4 file can be even played on iPad, iPod, iPhone, Nokia, HTC, BlackBerry, Samsung, Windows Phone and even more. Really sounds interesting?! 😛

Encoding Settings

  • Encoding profile: Google Android Video (*.mp4)       =>     IMPORTANT!
  • Video Dimension: 480×320
  • Zoom mode: Letterbox
  • Video quality: Standard
  • Audio quality: Standard

Tested and Played on

  • iOS: iPhone 1-4, iPad 1-2, iPod Touch, iPod Classic, Apple TV
  • Android: HTC G3-G10, Samsung Galaxy, Motorola ME600/MB600/Droid/Milestone and more.
  • Blackberry: Bold 9000-9700, Curve 8910/8900/8520, Pearl 9XXX, Storm 1-2, Torch, Tour
  • Symbian: Nokia 5230/5233/5800, Nokia N97
  • Windows: Sony Ericsson, Samsung i8000U, HTC Touch Pro/Diamond
  • Computer: All if installed media player such as QuickTime Player
  • Other: Web, PSP(1.5+), PS3, Xbox 360,Zune

Furthermore, I also have some other tips to share. When we got universal file format for video we have to consider a proper video dimension that will work for most popular mobiles. Nowadays, the screen sizes of mobile phones are made bigger and bigger. The biggest screen that you see in a phone today is the 5 inches screen. But the size from 3.7″ – 4.3″ are more common in daily life. If you want to get a universal dimension of output video which can be displayed properly on all common size of mobile screen, I suggest that 480*320 seems a good choice.

At last, after conversion is done, save the converted mp4 video into my mobile phone, white iPhone 4, and turn on the Bluetooth of the device. Transfer the video file between my iPhone and other devices via Bluetooth. Then I can share the dancing video of my child with all my families and friends, no matter what mobile phones they are using. All problems are gone after just one conversion. It is cool, isn’t it? More detail about tutorial above you can watch on video below.


I’ve tried to use 3GP format. This universal file format for video can also be used in all types of mobile phones. It’s just that the quality is worse than the MP4.

[SWF]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EUxrCl5cL-I, 420, 315[/SWF]

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