TweakNow WinSecret 2011: to optimize Windows settings

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TweakNow WinSecret is free tweaking tool for Windows that developed by Tweak Now has some interesting settings. See below (pictures) uniqueness.

On first picture, Internet or Network setting optimize by TweakNow WinSecret. It used the low-and high-speed option, it is more understandable for a novice user. Then there is the option Optimize Windows Settings which will display the suggestions to optimize the system so that it runs optimally (second picture).

TweakNow WinSecret - home

TweakNow WinSecret - optimized windows setting

Special Folder, this allows us to more easily move the location of important files such as My Documents folder, My Pictures, My Music, etc. This folder should be placed on a different drive by the location of the system. Thus, these data will remain secure even if the system were damaged.

TweakNow WinSecret - change location of special folder

The next option on TweakNow WinSecret, run Multiple Yahoo Instances Messenger. By selecting this setting enable, you can run two Yahoo Messenger applications simultaneously with different username.

TweakNow WinSecret - run multiple instances of yahoo messenger

TweakNow WinSecret - set transparancy level for windows taskbar

Set transparency level setting, used to change the transparency level of the standard Windows taskbar so that the effect of glass on the taskbar will be more pronounced.

Want to try this freeware by your self ? Please download.

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