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The easiest way to upgrade the BlackBerry application is via OTA (Over The Air). You just choose the application to be updated and run the update process. But some people can not do it because they do not subscribe to BlackBerry service package, or subscribe to BlackBerry service packages with limited features. It is necessary for an alternative way.

blackberry device detailsThere are two other ways, namely through WiFi network or via data cable connected to computer that has Internet access. If you subscribe to BlackBerry service packages with limited features, there is possibility WiFi can not be used, depending on the policy of cellular operator are used. So….. It can be used data cable connected to computer that has Internet access.

I assume you are installing BlackBerry AppWorld application and already have a BlackBerry ID. The pictures below I take when upgrading Foursquare application.

First of all, you must go to BlackBerry App World Webstore website and doing Sign In. If you see at My World, will look like the first picture. There can be shown the applications are installed, needs upgrade, and was removed. In this case I see the upgrade application. There appear Foursquare applications that need to upgrade. Click the upgrade button which is located next to the trash icon (with green arrow).

blackberry app world - upgrade

After the process above, on the right sidebar will look detailed description of your BlackBerry mobile phone and synchronization status are ready to do. If it is appropriate, click the Sync Now button.

The next process shown on the last shot.

Note: during the upgrade or install applications, do not remove the data cable. There will be complete process status or the phone will restart automatically when necessary. When the phone restarts, automatically the phone and computer will be disconnected. Do not panic!

blackberry app world - sync apps


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