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Now, you can upload image to Web Album with sending email to special email address. Just attach the photos in the email then send.

I have condition like this. My friend often sent me an email containing interesting photos. And I want to upload image to Web Album owned immediately so easy to share with other people. I mean not to do repetitive work, first download the photos and then upload….. not efficient. If can… the photos directly on my web album…..

Then I looked at the settings and found that it is possible. See Upload image by email section (left side, mark with red circle). On the options on the right, activate the option Allow me to upload photos by email. Then enter the secret word that will complete the special email address for upload image via email delivery below. Do not let this special email address to others if you do not want your web album contains photos that are not preferred.

Upload image to Picasa Web Album

In Picasa Web Albums, you’ll find a new folder. Each image was uploaded via e-mail submissions, will arrive at this location first.

I compare it with Photobucket and the same. That’s possible. But with different name, Mobile Setting.

upload photos by sending email

Now….. upload image from email is very easy.

If you are BlackBerry user, this will more more easy to using PhotoBucket for BlackBerry.


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