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USB Windows installer is very advantageous especially in terms of ease and speed Windows installation.

USB Windows installer - WinToFlashCurrently many products popping up a small laptop with a size of 10 inches (even less) which do not carry the DVD Rom drive. Then, this would complicate the installation of Windows (and other standard operating system) because it is usually with large files capasity and use DVD media. USB Windows installer to be very involved, USB DVD Rom or USB flash drive. And will discuss the software used to move Windows installer to a USB flash drive so that media can be used for the installation process.

I found the software WinToFlash that developed by Navicorp that can facilitate the process. For personal use, this software can be used free of charge, but with some restrictions. What you do not get when using a free license?

  • Registered to your name
  • Ads-free interface
  • Drive Check option
  • Windows XP/2003 Setup 0x6B auto fix
  • Business use permission

Even so, the functionality does not differ much compared to paid license.

All WinToFlash function list:

  • Transfer Windows XP/2003/Vista/2008/7/8 Setup to a USB drive
  • Transfer WinPE (BartPE based on Windows XP/2003, WinPE based on Windows Vista/2008/7 and so on) to a USB drive
  • Erase USB media, full or quick
  • Create a USB drive with emergency bootloader for Windows XP/2003
  • Transfer MS-DOS to a USB drive
  • Create a USB drive with Windows XP/2003 Recovery Console.

Its use…..

I think WinToFlash very easy to use for make USB Windows installer. For you are a beginner, it is convenient to use the Wizard that are available so that would trace the steps of making. Simply, to create USB Windows installer, you just need to give the location of the source (DVD Windows installer) and then specify the USB flash drive destination. Handed over the process of making to WinToFlash and wait for the results.

USB Windows installer - WinToFlash

USB Windows installer - WinToFlash

WinToFlash official website

Tips: You can streamline the master Windows installer using nLite, vLite, or RT7Lite.

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