Using Network Mapping Tools in 2019

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Networks have come a long way from their beginnings. From the early times of computer networks, the average business deployment has been a couple of hubs, and a router if its connected to the internet or a wide area.

Today, because of the complexity of the usual business network has improved multiple times, this is due to no small part because of the computer equipment dropping down in price and the proliferation of the tablets and smartphone in this enterprise.

And having a solid idea of what runs through your network has become the main priority for staff and network engineers, having a high-quality network map will help meet that priority.

Mapping a network will help you determine the early signs of the issue before they get worse, and they will act as a good reference for both you and your team.

What Bother With Network Mapping Tools?

Creating a manual network map for a complex, modern network can take some time. However, and due to it being out of date as soon as the network is completed, some organization’s don’t even take the time needed to build a network.

However, not having an established network map can cost your team time and money. Having a map will reduce the discovery time of other nodes from less than a week to a few minutes. So think about trying to use a network mapping tool to help save your company some potential revenue on repairs and other issues in the long term.

Network Mapping Tools

Automated Network Monitoring

As we’ve stated earlier, mapping your network is a great benefit for your organization. While you can get away with a traditional, static data map, there’s an easier way to show this. Network mapping tools can automatically make a network map and keep it updated for you.

This saves the team time on documenting the network and gives you more time on executing projects and improving your network’s infrastructure.

Auto Discovery

Wouldn’t it be convenient to have a network map that’s made for you, without tying you up for your team’s time? Creating a solid network solution can help you. Having intelligent tools help “walk” your network, not just by pinging hosts, but by also doing port scans of them and seeing what services are run through the host.

In some situations, you can find information from each host on the network map, giving you a richer context that will give your team visibility on what’s happening at any time.

Since your network map is constantly getting updated (especially since it’s bought online), which makes your network more of a web server. It’s a file sharing service that allows you to investigate, become notified and take action.


By utilizing network mapping tools, you increase the lifespan of your network. The difference between good networks and bad networks is an organization, and with network mapping, you won’t have any problem staying organized.

Using network mapping, you’ll be able to spot out what computer is causing problems in your network. This allows you to eliminate threats quickly and improve your network’s health. So think about using these tools the next time you want your network to expand.

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