Complex design of civil buildings

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Civil design is the design of non-industrial, non-residential and residential buildings for various purposes. The following types of civil buildings are distinguished:

  • Administrative (government agency or public organization);
  • Residential (apartment buildings, multi-storey houses, private houses, cottages, townhouses);
  • Educational (kindergarten, school);
  • Cultural and educational (theater, museum, library, etc.);
  • Medical and health-improving (hospital, sanatorium, rest home, etc.);
  • Sports (sports club, stadium, etc.);
  • Shopping and entertainment (shopping center, shop, indoor market, etc.);
  • Catering establishments (café, restaurants);
  • Hotel complex (hotel, guesthouse).

A feature of the designing of civil buildings is the need to incorporate special rooms (lobby, hall, and foyer) that provide high traffic capacity for people in a short period. At the same time, communication and evacuation routes should be provided (stairs, elevators, ramps, escalators, etc.), as well as free access and exit for vehicles and a sufficient number of parking spaces. The design of engineering network systems is carried out taking into account the sanitary and fire safety requirements for civil buildings. Sufficient lighting and air conditioning must be provided.

Design stages of civil buildings construction

The design process consists of several important stages. The following stages civil buildings construction are distinguished:

  1. Collection and analysis of data, preparation of technical specifications.
  2. Concept development.
  3. Coordination and approval of the project.
  4. Project development.
  5. Author’s supervision (helps to complete a project on time and on budget, while meeting all relevant regulations and quality standards).

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