Visual Subst: change folder into virtual drive [Freeware]

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Visual Subst is a small software that allows you to create a virtual drive from folder or directory, making it easy and quick to access important folders.

I read the readme.txt, that the programmers also need Visual Subst:

If you have the Platform SDK installed and need to use it frequently, it is possible to create a virtual drive mounted on the Samples directory. You can therefore reduce a long path like ‘C:\Program Files\Microsoft Platform SDK\Samples\Multimedia\DirectShow‘ to just one letter. In my opinion, this is the shortest way to gain access to the sample source code from the SDK when it is required on a continual basis.

Want to try?
Visit the official website.

Trace the figure below shows how to use the Visual Subst to create a virtual drive from a folder.

Visual Subst - making folder TUTORIAL as virtual drive

choose the drive letter of virtual drive created

new virtual drive

see Windows Explorer for new virtual drive

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