vrBackupper: The First Free Oculus Rift Backup Software

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You may hear of AOMEI Backupper before. The vrBackupper also contains the word: Backupper. Yes, they are both developed by AOMEI Technology. AOMEI Backupper is a full scale Windows backup software, while vrBackupper is a complete free Oculus Rift backup tool.

vrBackupper was released in November, 2016. Now it is 1.0 version. It has three main functions: Backup & restore all data in Oculus Rift installation directory. Selective backup & restore only games and applications in Oculus Rift. Transfer Oculus Rift installation directory to a different drive. Next, let’s see these features in details.

Download, install and run the program. Its main interface as following screenshot shows. Default is Migrate Oculus Installation panel. Select the source and choose a new location, then click Start Move to go. Thus, you can solve low space problem of installing apps. vrBackupper ensures Oculus work normally after moving to another drive even external drives. If you choose external drive, ensure that don’t change the drive letter every time you use Oculus.

vrBackupper: Free Oculus Rift Backup Tool

Then switch to Backup Restore Oculus panel. Backup has two selections: backup the whole Oculus installation directory or only game and apps. Few steps, you can create a backup. When to restore, original computer or other computers is also OK. If you only restore VR games and apps on another machine, you should install the Oculus Rift first.

vrBackupper: The First Free Oculus Backup Software

More about this software

Now that you know how does vrBackupper works, do you need it? If you are a VR games player or using Oculus Rift quite a lot, we highly suggest you try it, because it is the first free such tool in the market after all.

Backup always a good habit. Move VR games to other computer does not need re-downloading with the help of vrBackupper. And, move Oculus Rift games to another drive break through the limitations of installing VR games only in the installation directory in system partition. You can make full use of space in hard disk.


vrBackupper is easy to use.
This freeware supports Windows 10 64bit. It is a necessary software worth owning.

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