Easy Watermark Studio Lite: Fill watermark on images

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Watermark on image in this blog content are direct  from Windows Live Writer, without any other software. And this afternoon I found the software used to provide watermark with very quickly, Easy Watermark Studio.

Easy Watermark Studio Lite - text watermark

This software can fill in the form of letters watermark (word) that can be personalized. Font type, direction and position, and the various effects that can be adjusted. Watermark size can also adjust automatically.

Easy Watermark Studio Lite - image watermark

Not only that, this software also can provide a picture or logo watermark. See the picture above. I tried to fill in the header of this blog as a watermark.


Effects on the lite version can not be used. If you want to use the effects, use the pro version by purchasing or giveaway program.

More screenshots:

Easy Watermark Studio Lite (2)Easy Watermark Studio Lite (4)Easy Watermark Studio Lite (5)

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