What to Do When You Feel You Are Being Hacked

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Nowadays, getting hacked is not a huge surprise. Tons of accounts are getting hacked every day and if you aren’t cautious about this, yours might get hacked too.

According to the latest research, about half of adult men living in America got their online accounts hacked. If you feel like you are being hacked, then we are here to help you out.

Here are some things you should do if you feel you are being hacked

  1. Identity Protection
    According to a research in 2016, around 15 million Americans got their identity stolen. Identity theft is basically when a cybercriminal uses someone else’s name and other personal information to get loans, credit, etc.
    With the increasing cyber attacks in today’s world, staying safe from identity theft can be difficult, but there are certain things you can do. There are lots of companies which provides Identity protection services. You might want to check out these services.
  2. Tell companies about the problem
    The longer you wait, the worse your account will get once it has been hacked. Once you suspect your account is being hacked, raise the alarm immediately.
    You can easily contact the companies and get the account locked. Most companies like Google, Microsoft, Apple, Facebook will lock your account if it finds any kind of suspicious activity. Thus, do not waste any time and contact support services.
  3. Change your password
    One of the most common reasons for getting your account hacked is putting predictable passcodes. Once you suspect some unusual activity on your account, make sure to reset the password first.
    If you have your Email-ID associated with the account, then you will have no problem on resetting the password. Now, when setting a new password, make sure to keep it strong enough. It is recommended to use both upper cases and lower case alphabets along with special characters to make it strong.
    Here’s a good tip to set passwords that are strong and easy to remember; Think of a good sentence that you would remember and take the first alphabet of each word of that sentence. Put the alphabets together to form the password and change the cases of the alphabets.
    Then change the alphabets with special characters that look similar. For example, you can use ‘!’ for ‘I’, ‘@’ for ‘A’, ‘$’ for S, ‘#’ for H, etc.
  4. Investigate Properly
    If some thieves come to your house, you need to investigate properly to find out what things get stolen, right? Similarly, right after you recover your account, take a close look at the account to see whether there are some files missing or not.
    Few things from your account might be taken already without you realizing. Thus, take some time to browse your account properly. If you have the same username and password on any other accounts, then make sure to change it immediately.
  5. Let others know
    Share with your friends, family, co-workers, etc. that your account has been hacked. This is not to gain sympathy from them or anything. You need to realize that they might communicate with you through that account.
    Also, the hacker might send them strange message in your name. This might put you in a bad situation. It is best to tell everyone in advance that your account has been hacked so they ignore emails or messages from that account for a while.


There you go, 5 things you should do when you feel like you are being hacked. Make sure to learn from the mistakes you made and be extra cautious by setting secure passwords and 2FA on all your accounts. Make sure to share these tips with your friends and family.

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