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Some people who know me ask to me, why you change your Nokia Symbian 6120c into Blackberry Curve 3G 9300? What the advantages?

My answer:
Lately I receive many email a day and need chatting to communication. In essence I need data communication firstly instead of sound. Push email and push of other notifications are very expected. In Indonesia, internet network from cellular operator not good yet. The speed are not stable, more are low speed. So… Blackberry be my choice today.
In addition, I could write articles with more variation with the addition of discussion category around the Blackberry.

Blackberry Curve 3G 9300 using OS 5 by default, if it does not cause loss in performance when you do upgrade to OS 6? What are the benefits?

My answer:
When first using Blackberry, I am interested in finding more information by going to the official website. There I found that my Blackberry device operating system (OS) could upgrade to OS 6. In general, the latest OS 6 promises better performances.

Social feeds, with this application you will never miss the latest updates from your friends.

Universal search, now you can do a search for everything including setting menu item. Not limited to search for a contact number. Direcly type any keywords from standby to do searching.

More better web browser, you will be pleased to explore the web page that can display both the content and fully equipped with a web browser that has been developed.

Simple setup, on OS 6… you will discover the menu for the settings collected in one place like Control Panel on Windows Operating system.

And much more development has been done.



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