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On website Core Affinity Resident you can find software  Classic Windows Start Menu (CWSM) which can change the new Start Menu of Windows (Vista and 7) became Windows classic start menu. Classic Windows start menu can still be found in Windows XP, but Windows XP has brought two models Start Menu display.

Windows classic start menu

Classic Windows Start Menu (CWSM) - more optionThis view is very simple, without a search feature that can be used to find the shortcut of software or data that can be executed more quickly. The developers felt that the new Windows Start Menu is complicated, so he created this free software as simple as Windows classic start menu view.

This software is also made with very practical, so it can be run without performing the installation (portable software).

Besides these advantages, you can pour creativity by customizing this classic Start Menu. Here are some things that can be personalized.

  • Basic, you can make arrangements on: Icon size, Selection style, Cursor style, Recently installed applications, Submenu delay, Main menu elements, Recent documents, and Show classic appearance.
  • Background, you can make arrangements on: Menu style, Menu (background), and Menu (text).
  • Ribbon, settings on the ribbon and can enable or disable ribbon.
  • Power off button, customize button: hibernate, standby, shutdown, restart, switch user, and log off.

Classic Windows Start Menu (CWSM) - setting option

Are you interested?

Please go directly to the website above for download and complete information.


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