Windows Live Mail: new email synchronization setting

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Windows Live Mail is my alternate choice after Windows Mail integrated application on Windows 8 and Mozilla Thunderbird experiencing problems on my laptop.

Windows Live Mail is free email client that developed by Microsoft, have interesting looks and supports many features such as:

  • Offline access
    Older messages and calendar events are accessible in Mail, even when you’re offline.
  • Event reminders
    Your calendar in Windows Live Mail helps you keep track of all the important stuff you’ve got coming up.
  • Sync with web calendar
    You can edit events in your calendar in Mail, even when you’re offline.
  • Shared calendars
    Your time isn’t always your own—there are family and friends who might need to know your schedule.

I integrate the account GMail and Outlook over there. But I really don’t like Offline access features. It download all email in my account, thousands of them. ….is really waste of time and my internet connection quota. I try to stop it by clicking the Stop button while it lasted….. but it only stops the current process and continued when I run Windows Live Mail again.

Me do not know where the settings that govern it, then me asked my uncle….. Google.
He said, “Just right click the IMAP folder, then headed to Synchronization Settings, and choose New Messages Only. Or if you want the process faster, choose Headers Only.”

Yes, it works.
Headers Only setting only take the subject of email and a few sentences at the beginning. That I use is New Messages Only setting.


windows live mail - synchronization settings

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