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windows live writer 2011 - beta versionYesterday I upgrade Windows Live Writer that used to write my blog article. I have Windows Live Writer 2011 (beta version)that most recent version for now.

Once installed, it turns out interface and menus that are used like that used in Microsoft Office 2007 with Ribbons. Also there is some development of previous versions.

windows live writer 2011 - start menu like

The Start Menu like…..

Since windows 7 launch, the menu like this (picture beside) are very commonly found. If you want….. try to open Paint. Will look exactly the same.

Built in emoticon…..

In this version is there an emoticon, no need to add plugins to it.

Picture effects that looks like on Microsoft Office 2007. You can easily add simple effects that enhance the look of the displayed image.

windows live writer 2011 - picture effect

Format font more easily accessible. There are shortcut buttons to format Superscript and Subscript.

Shortcut Manage comment, I think it can manage an existing comment directly from WLW….. but it was immediately opened the comments through the Internet browser.

windows live writer 2011 - superscript and subscriptwindows live writer 2011 - manage comments

But overall….. I like this new version.

If you cannot use this software to posting WordPress blog article… try to activate remote publishing first.

Free download Windows Live Essentials – offline full installer (include: Writer, Family Safety, Mail, Messenger, Bing Bar, Outlook Connector Pack, Microsoft Silverlight).


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