Windows Repair tool: bring improvements to Windows [Freeware]

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Windows Repair tool use different methods to bring improvements to Windows including trying to repair Windows damaged by virus attacks. I expect a lot of this tool.

Windows Repair tool consists of four stages before you start the Windows  repair. Through this software, the developers want as much as possible no longer need to reinstall Windows in order to repair.

Step by step repair process by Windows Repair tool
1st, clean Windows system from virus infections.
2nd, check file system (check disk).
3rd,  system file check (verify Windows system files).
4th, create system restore check point (if any fails).
5th, start the repairs process. There are 3 mode of improvement, you can customize the method used.

This freeware developed by, and can be used for free. On official website, saying that this software still needs development, and welcome suggestions for perfected.

More info and download.

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Windows Repair tool

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