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WinZip Courier also can be integrated with web mail, this will allow you to compress the data while sending it via web mail.

I mean with the sentence above, with WinZip Courier you do not have to compress the data first and then send it via web mail account you used. But this can be done at once, attach the data while compressing. This is quite new to me and very practical. There is no longer term, I forgot to do the compression so that the process of attaching files takes long time.

I understand that many addons are usually supported email client software, and very rarely can be integrated with web mail. For example, antivirus software that can be integrated directly with email client software. This greatly facilitates the user when receiving an email that contains file attachments, so it can be checked whether it contains malicious program or not. Luckily web mail service providers working with antivirus vendors for user security. In essence, I am very happy with WinZip Courier that can be integrated with GMail which I use. See the picture below how it works.

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Features of WinZip Courier

  • Support large capacity attachment, max send up to 2GB per email
  • Easy and shorter way to large file sharing
  • Securely attachment delivered, support encryption
  • Integrate image resize feature.

1 Billion Giveaway of WinZip Courier 3.5

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