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Wise Hotkey is a simple software developed by WiseCleaner function as software quick launch that you can personalize the button combination launcher according what you want.

Many things that you can launch with Wise Hotkey, not only software, built in Windows and installed. But you can launch special folder and website directly, with keyboard combination that you can customize. I have try this and make screenshots below.

Wise Hotkey features

  • Quick launch any application, folder or website
  • Quick switch between different applications
  • Customize your own keyboard shortcut

More about this software

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If you are interested to participate, I have 10 licenses to share.
Below are the requirements.

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  3. The winners will be announced on this page approximately for a week on January 11th, 2017. And immediately send the license soon afterthat.

Wise Hotkey

Wise Hotkey


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