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Wondershare DVD Creator can be used to make video dvd from your video collection or photographs. Below I will discuss how to create photo slideshow using this software. And I have 15 lifetime registration codes that will be share to who are lucky.

First I read about Wondershare DVD Creator, it can be used to create DVD video and DVD photo slideshow. I am not interested in the DVD video because I do not have video collection, but I have some personal photo collection. So I tried to make a DVD photo slideshow using this software. The photos that I use in this video I took while on holiday in Malang, East Java, Indonesia. More precisely in Eco Green Park. This place so inspiring me on how to preserve nature.

Let’s we start…..

First, after you running Wondershare DVD Creator then inport the photo source. You must have seen the Import button in the left column. So use that button. Number of images used have a direct impact on the duration of the video, and of course the capacity of the video files.

Wondershare DVD Creator - Tutorial

Photo source was in place, it’s time to provide additional information such as photo description or whatever  you want. This can be done by clicking the Pencil button available on the thumbnail photo on the left column. Besides adding a caption, you can also set the transition effect of each photo and background music here included the photo duration. The caption that you added here can be moved easily by pulling it directly.

Wondershare DVD Creator - Tutorial

Finished with it, now is the time to make the DVD menu. Go to Menu tab to do that.
To obtain quick results, select one of the available templates, then modify according to your wishes. Modify the title, background picture, and others as needed.

Wondershare DVD Creator - Tutorial

Now check the result of your creation by access the Preview tab. If it is appropriate, continue to compile your DVD video result creations by access Burn tab. Can be burned directly onto a DVD media or save its *.iso format.

Wondershare DVD Creator - Tutorial

Wondershare DVD Creator - Tutorial

Wondershare DVD Creator - Tutorial

I have upload the result of my creation to Youtube and you can watch the video below.
I think you can create it also. It’s very easy and fun.

[swf]http://www.youtube.com/v/1kKG0OJ9p80, 525, 394[/swf]

Wondershare DVD Creator Giveaway

Get Wondershare DVD Creator software license with free , 15 licenses available to be distributed. Please meet the requirements for who are interested.

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