Wondershare PDF 2 Word Converter [PC-Welt Christmas Giveaway]

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Wondershare PDF 2 Word Converter is software used to convert PDF document file into Word document. This is giveaway held by PC-Welt in order to welcome Christmas.

I previously held giveaway for software Wondershare PDF Converter for Windows, which according to my version with more comprehensive capabilities. Not only generate document to Word format, but also can generate other formats such as: Excel, PPT, EPUB, HTML, Text and image formats.

But if you only need the PDF to Word conversion feature, then you can use this Wondershare PDF 2 Word Converter at no cost of course. So use the opportunity well.

Get Wondershare PDF 2 Word Converter license from PC-Welt with free

PC-WELT use German language, you may need to use a translation service such as Google Translate.
First you need to visit PC-Welt X-Mas special event. There you will find a kind of jigsaw puzzle.
Your task is to find this software behind the numbers.
If you succeed, you will get this software at no cost.

On the website you can also find various other promotions.

Wondershare PDF 2 Word Converter

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