WordPress Backup to Dropbox (do with automatic)

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WordPress Backup to Dropbox is a plugin that allows you to get backup of your WordPress blog straight on DropBox account you have.

I guess this is what I was looking for when reading webtrickz.com.
I am just a regular blog article writers who do not understand much about the web and related matters. With WordPress Backup to Dropbox, all processes to create blog backup will run automatically according to predetermined schedule.

Dropbox is a popular free service, providing the space to put the data in it safely. The data you put in Dropbox server is also easy to share with close friends or you can also keep it safe. To use this plugin, you must have a Dropbox account first.

The advantages of using WordPress Backup to Dropbox plugin:

  • According to which has been written above, all processes can be automated and scheduled runs
  • Backups of data already on secure server and can be accessed from anywhere, anytime
  • No need to download the backup if it is not necessary
  • Backup can be made for the whole blog or just for specific folder.

WordPress Backup to Dropbox

If not using WordPress Backup to Dropbox plugin, then I must do the following steps to create a backup.

  1. Login to CPanel then create backup. To make backup to entire contents of the blog will take long time, should not be awaited.
  2. Download backup after it is completed, and delete the backups on hosting in order not reduce the empty space.
  3. Imagine you doing this every week as long as you maintain your blog, therefore I very rarely make a backup.

Currently hosting that I use is integrated with CloudFlare. At CloudFlare there is CodeGuard application that serves to daily backup, monitoring and security. So I just use these features and no longer use this plugin.

backup manually - through cpanel

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