I make some interactive and video tutorial

Manik Agra September 4, 2010 0 Responses

I made some interactive tutorials (in addition to text-based tutorials) which I hope could help others in learning.

See the list below …

Open Office

  1. Get quick results sequentially
  2. “Red line” corrections to the language mismatch
  3. Set Open Office Writer default font
  4. Automatic fill background color
  5. Superscript on Open Office


  1. Continuous dimension
  2. Make a blocks quickly
  3. Quickly calculate the area

Google SketchUp

  1. Make a truncated cone (the first way)
  2. Make a truncated cone (the second way)
  3. Making a 3D ball
  4. Make a truncated cone (the third way)
  5. Change the scale or dimensional drawings
  6. Google SketchUp: Object selection tips
  7. Google SketchUp: quickly drawing door frame and leaf
  8. Google SketchUp: making section drawing
  9. Google SketchUp: create new default template
  10. Google SketchUp: Calculate area of object


  1. Photoscape: Making simple gif animated wallpaper for your phone
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