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Both are file manager aplication for Nokia Symbian mobile phone especialy for S60 v3 family (OS 9.x). The main difference is… X-Plore is a pay application not free but Y-Browser is a freeware mobile phone application. If you only need the functions of file organization, choose Y-Browser will make you have saving a lot.


This mobile apps have developed by Lonely Chat Games (LCG). Some interesting features that I like… are have a shortcut to inbox when sending something through bluetooth so no need to exploring various folders to find it. Can make zip compress file directly so I can send file through email more faster.

x-plore - messaging shortcut - vmancer x-plore - make zip file - vmancer x-plore - custom folder shortcut - vmancer

In addition… with the X-Plore can create a shortcut to a folder, so that fast to access some folder.


This is a freeware file manager for Symbian mobile phone. Although a freeware… you cannot underestimate for it. I think this freeware powerfull enough.

y-browser - extras option - vmancer y-browser - set shortcut - vmancer

You can set a command shortcut, so that just tap key pad to do something like copy, paste, or another. You can use a different orientation view direction with y-browser so have a landscape view. Which obviously you do not need the money to use this.


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