Online tool design interior: Floorplanner and Gliffy

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online tool design interior - floorplanner Floorplanner

I’ve tried to use Floorplanner to design the house plans. It looks nice and easy to used. Use this online tool design interior software, create a design plan of the room to be fun….. it’s like playing Lego. Take some parts and keep it in the desired position.

To see the design result, the display can be changed with the appearance of three dimensions so that seem more real. Components of the house (library) such as doors, windows, sofas, desks, etc….. are abundantly available and can also be configured to fit the design.

floorplanner interface


…… and one of its competitors is Gliffy.

online tool design interior - gliffy

create diagram with GliffyGliffy is another online tool design interior or designing house plan and you can create flowchart and diagram there too….. So Gliffy offers functions that are more complete because it can also be used to draw floor plans, flowcharts and diagrams.


create organization diagram with GliffyEver having trouble creating an organization chart?

Try to use Gliffy to make it.

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