AOMEI Backupper Professional: Backup, Restore, Clone [World Backup Day]

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AOMEI Backupper Professional is an all-in-one, simple and safe Windows backup and clone software. It integrates series of practical utilities to protect your data and system. So actually one software AOMEI Backupper Professional have 4 main features in it; Backup, Restore, Clone, and supporting Utilities & Tools.

AOMEI Backupper Professional features

  • Backup
    Create system image backup, Disk Backup, Partition Backup, File Backup, File Sync.
    Support full, incremental, differential, event-triggered scheduling, real-time file sync and automatic backups.
    Backup/Sync file to cloud drive desktop app.
  • Restore
    Universal restore, selective restore, restore from bootable media, Partition Restore, Dissimilar Hardware Restore, File Restore, etc.
  • Clone
    Disk Clone, clone a hard drive to another without creating a compressed image file. It allows resizing partitions during the cloning process.
    System Clone, migrate operating system (OS) and all applications in system drive to the faster SSD or a larger hard disk drive without re-installing Windows.
    Partition/Volume Clone, create an exact duplication of your partition or dynamic disk volume, and exactly transfer data to another partition or hard drive.
    Flexible Clone, clone from big disk to small disk, and vice versa; support sector-by-sector clone, hot clone, intelligent clone, etc.
  • Supporting Utilities & Tools
    PXE Boot Tool
    Start up multiple client computers within LAN through the network booting by using AOMEI Windows PE and Linux micro-system or your own personalized bootable image file on a master computer for system maintenance. Support for unlimited client computers.
    Create Bootable Rescue Media
    Make Windows PE & Linux bootable CD/DVD or USB flash drive. It can be useful to recover if your computer cannot boot. Support manually add additional drivers when create Windows PE bootable media.
    Merge Backup Images
    Combine full backup and its chained incremental backups into a single backup for better management.
    Check and Explore Images
    Verify data integrity of image file to ensure it can be restored successfully. Mount image file as a virtual partition to browse the contents in Windows Explorer.
    Encrypt and Compress Images
    Protect image file from unauthorized access with a password. Set the level of compression used for backing up process to save time or save storage space.
    Comment and Edit Backups
    Add a comment for backup image so that it can be identified easily. Change the task name and the saved directory of backup images at anytime.
    Split and Delete Backups
    Large backups can be split into multiple smaller image files or split to fit for fixed length media. Delete a backup task or together with its backup image files.
    Export/Import Tasks and Logs Management
    Export all backup tasks stored in a file which can be imported later. View what operations the program has done and record the events that occur during a backup process.
    Email Notifications and VSS
    Send backup completion status to your email by using your own mail server or AOMEI mail server to let you be informed in the results of backup. Microsoft Volume Shadow (VSS) allows you to back up files that are in use, especially for open and locked files backup.

More about this software

AOMEI Backupper Professional World Backup Day

To celebrate World Backup Day, AOMEI prepared special gifts for all users, offer a basket of products for all users FREE (worth $331). This activity will lasted 9 days. Then check this page if you are interested.

Free Gifts:

  • AOMEI Backupper Pro
    Smart and reliable Windows backup & recovery solutions.
  • AOMEI MBackupper Pro
    Easily backup and transfer your iPhone, iPad, iPod data.
  • AOMEI CBackupper
  • Securely backup data to cloud with free unlimited storage.

If you miss this event, you can get the free version on AOMEI Backupper: freeware backup and restore data.

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AOMEI Backupper Professional
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