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Current daily activities carried out by the conditions connected to the internet, routine activities at the office or your family at home. Computer activity monitoring software needed!

According to a survey by International Data Corp (IDC), 30 to 40% of internet access is spent on non-work related browsing, and a staggering 60% of all online purchases are made during working hours. On average, office workers spend 21 hours per week online at the office, as oppose to only 9.5 hours at home. Computer activity monitoring software needed!

Many people have recognized that the Internet is something that can be useful or vice versa, depending on its consumer. You use internet as work supporting where it will increase the work productivity, but instead work productivity may decline if you are addicted to social media when you are on job.

This also happens at home. When the kids are looking for something on the internet for homework material, suddenly appeared pornographic images. It was very scary for parents.

PC Spy Software have the solusions for this kind of situation.

  1. Remote Stealth Monitoring
    Realtime Spy is a web-based remote monitoring software which allows you to view all activities of your computer or laptop from ANYWHERE in the world via the web!
  2. Network & Employee Monitoring
    Centrally monitor, control, and supervise every computer and every user on your network with the powerful remote real-time administration, monitoring, filtering, reporting, and tracking abilities of NetVizor!
  3. Parental & Access Control
    The most comprehensive parental control software available – SentryPC is the perfect solution for anyone who wants total control over all aspects of their users computer usage and access!
  4. Social Media Monitoring
    Social Spy captures screenshots of EVERYTHING a user does on your computer, and then transmits them to your online Social Spy account in real-time for remote viewing.Social Spy’s customizable screen capturing can capture screenshots of social networking activities (the software monitor Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and blog sites), email and chat usage, Internet activities, or EVERYTHING that the user does on your computer.

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