Activity Launcher: to disable Google bloatware in Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus

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I have using Xiaomi phone since Redmi Note 3G (Redmi Note first generation) with MiUI 5 at that time. One of the preferred things about Xiaomi MiUI is the bloatware (built-in apps) can be disabled or deleted easily. So storage space and system RAM are more relieved and responsive, but as it progresses it is more difficult to do. Before this phone, I use Xiaomi Mi5, and happen bootloop when I try to remove this bloatware.

Now start to disable Google bloatware (built-in apps) in Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus

This process no need root, so simple to do, but you must remember that by doing this there may be damage to the system and is not my responsibility. I have try this by my self, step by step of the tutorial.

First, install Activity Launcher from Play Store
Very easy to find. After installation done, run the app. From the activities filter, choose All activities to display.

Activity Launcher - Disable Google Bloatware

Second, fine the app that you want to disable
All activities already displayed. Then find the Settings. Maybe there are some Settings menu, you can try choose the first first. If there is nothing bloatware then choose the second.
Then find Installed Apps. There are some Installed Apps to, and you can follow the previous step.

Third, I am using Google Drive as example.
Tap Google Drive, and there is Disable button light up that you can tap to disable. Select and do on other applications you want to disable.

I think the step and screenshot above quite clear and can be followed. But for more clearly you can watch the Youtube video below.

There is another app that I have try to disable bloatware that you can check on this article: Hidden Settings for MIUI [Android App].


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