CBackup: online cloud backup service [Giveaway]

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CBackup is a FREE online cloud backup service with scalable backup storage. In this giveaway, CBackup can be used to get unlimited data traffic to transfer and sync studying files between clouds. And will also have 5TB of secure cloud space to store all learning and teaching files.

CBackup Features

  • PC to Cloud Backup
    Backup your computer files to secure cloud drives, supported to multiple free cloud storage services into a larger, even unlimited cloud backup space. Google Drive, Dropbox and OneDrive.
  • Cloud to Cloud Backup
    Backup cloud files to another without downloading and re-uploading.
  • Automatic Cloud Backup
    Set and forget. Create a schedule to backup files to cloud automatically.
  • PC to Cloud Sync
    Sync computer data automatically to unlimited cloud space and access them anywhere.
  • Cloud to Cloud Sync
    Sync data between different public clouds to keep all your cloud accounts updated automatically.
  • Flexible Data Recovery
    Restore files anytime and anywhere with a few clicks.

CBackup Back to School Giveaway

CBackup co-hosted by 7 software vendors, such as AnyViewer, StickyPassword, and FlexClip, and so on, to hold this giveaway event, provided users with 8 practical windows software worth $360 for FREE. That you can found it fromĀ this page, running until September 6th, 2022.

CBackup - online cloud backup service - Giveaway
CBackup - online cloud backup service - Giveaway
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