Currency format, comma and thousand symbol

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Currency format

Each country using different currency format. Widely used currency is Dollar ($), although the Dollar exchange rate used is not same for each country. Dollars with the best exchange rate is U.S. dollar (USD).

regional setting - control panelWindows operating system and Microsoft Office Excel uses Dollar as standard currency arrangement. That’s why you’ll find the $ symbol when entering numbers and activate Currency commands in Microsoft Excel.

What if you don’t use $ currency on the calculation that you created in Microsoft Excel? What should be set so that the currency in accordance with my wishes?

accounting number format

If you do not use $ currency, then it could be replaced by clicking the small arrow button next to the Accounting Number Format.

You have to change the currency, but may look strangely in decimal and thousand symbols separated. How to adjust it?

Comma symbol and thousands separator

Comma symbol (,) widely use as thousands separator in the world with English language. But me….. In Bali – Indonesia, use this sign ( , ) as decimal symbol with official currency used is Rupiah (IDR).

1,500 –> in Indonesia that’s not one thousand and five hundred, but one point five. Decimal and thousands separator symbols modified on Regional Settings in Control Panel. See the first picture.

On the picture beside, I have adjust Regional Setting. So is in conformity with the location.

Now, if I had to adjust the regional setting and type in the numbers on the Open Office Calc or Microsoft Excel, it will use the dot symbol as thousands separator value. And automatically use Rupiah (Rp.) as currency.

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