O&O Auto Backup: automatic sync to portable device [Get Free License]

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O&O Auto Backup is useful software to backing up data by making copies of data in external drives.

O&O Auto Backup license can be obtained free of charge, so this software is ideal for securing your data. Its use is very simple, you just choose location of the source and specify the destination location  drive for data backup. Processes will running directly when you click Execute button.

Some Action option need to note:

Option 1, Copy all the source data.
If this option is active, all of the data will be copied. All data that have same file name will be replaced. This process produces new file on the backup destination folder.

Option 2, Copy all modified and new source data and no data deletion.
This process will only update the old data on backup destination folder. Recent data will remain untouched. Data that is deleted on the source folder will still exist in the backup folder.

Option 3, Data synchronize
This process will equating data in source folder and data in backup folder. If there is data deleted on the source location, then the data on the backup location will also be deleted.

Get the free license of O&O Auto Backup

Visit O&O Auto Backup order license page. Then submit your valid email address. You will receive response which contain O&O Auto Backup. Offer valid until the end of January 2012.

o&o auto backup - automatic synchronization

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