Restore data with Recuva

April 14, 2011 0 Comments

Recuva is a freeware developed by Piriform, who also developed CCleaner. Recuva is useful to restore files that have been deleted. From moving storage media (ex. flash disk, memory card) or fixed (not portable hard disk).

After the installation of Recuva, then you can restore deleted files. Note some things that are involved in the pictures below.

piriform - recuva - restore

Enable Deep Scan : with activate this feature, you can do files search that have been erased by more in-depth and meticulous so the results are better. But this will take more time.

piriform - recuva - select file locations

File location : you can do a search on the hard drive and storage media also move (iPod, memory card). Or at specific locations.

piriform - recuva - select file to restore

File type : specify the type of file you want to restored. This will speed up the process because it does not have to do a search on all files.

piriform - recuva - choose files to restore

Select the files to be restored (check box) and click recover.

piriform - recuva - advanced mode

The above picture is an advanced mode view.

Want to get the freeware? Visit Piriform – Recuva official website. Search form
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