Best Tools for Students to Download Right Now

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Best Tools for Students to Download Right Now

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You’re not imagining it. You really were more productive when you started your studies. You were committed, but you also had fewer assignments to take care of. Now, with all those extracurriculars (AND the job that you had to take), you’re a complete mess.

You struggle with writing, staying focused during classes, completing homework, and studying in the first place.

It’s time for you to check out a few study apps, which can help you get organized and more effective. We’ll list several apps across categories, so you’ll have a collection of the education tools you need.

Of course, you don’t need to use all these tools if you don’t need them. That would only cause a greater mess. Choose the ones that solve specific problems that you’re facing, and you’ll be good.

Best Study Apps that Solve Student’s Problems

  1. Use Better Writing Tools for Coursework

Let’s start with the best tools for writing, which help you overcome one of the greatest challenges at college: academic assignments.

  • iA Writer

What’s wrong with MS Word and Google Docs? These tools are distracting. They have too many icons, features, and options. These details take your attention away, so you’re not focus when trying to write.

iA Writer changes the game. It gives you a blank screen and it leaves you alone with your words. It’s a pretty intuitive app, so you’ll get used to it right away. The Markdown feature makes writing even easier.

This app is available for both Android and iOS.

This is your writing assistance. If you’re not 100% confident in your grammar skills (no one is!), you’ll appreciate an app identifying all issues in your text.  

Still, you have to realize that this is just software. It’s not perfect in locating grammar and syntax issues. If you want a real editor, you can find one at professional essay writing service online Study Clerk. Moreover, you can hire real writers there when you get stuck with your academic assignments. 

  • Get the Student Planner Apps to Get Organized

It’s not easy with all those responsibilities you have, is it? As any other normal student, you’d love to spend some time with friends and family. Plus… that TV show! If you organize your time well and you stick to the schedule, you’ll find time for more activities than you assume.

  • Egenda is a great app for managing homework. It helps you set priorities and it will notify you about approaching deadlines. Make sure to add an entry whenever you get a new assignment, and you won’t forget about it.
  • Google Calendar is a classic planning app. It’s free, it’s easy to use, and it’s everything you need. 
  • Use Taking Notes Tools for Better Information Retention

Now, let’s get to the way you pay attention (or don’t pay attention) during classes. You go there because attendance matters. You pay for those classes, so you don’t like skipping them. But if you’re not focused, you might as well not show up and the results would be the same.

Since you’re already there, you have to use this opportunity. The information you get during lectures helps you study for exams. Your professor gives you hints about the most important things, so you have to note them down.

You already have this one installed, right? It’s popular, so most students have it on their devices. But are you using it well? Evernote lets you take notes at any time. You just start a new draft and note things down. You’ll organize the notes by class, so you’ll find them exactly when you need them.

You can also take pictures and store them as notes in Evernote. This is great if your professor is showing slides and you don’t want to bother typing the info in your app. Voice notes are also available, so you can record the most important parts of the lecture and listen to the audio to memorize the details.

Apps Can Transform Your Life at College

When you use the right app at the right time, you’re essentially getting more productive. The greatest challenges at college are writing, finding time for all tasks, and being attentive during (boring!) lectures. Apps will help you get more effective in all those aspects of being a student.

Are you using the full potential of your phone, tablet and computer? When you start using the apps we suggested above, you’ll discover a new, more effective version of yourself.

You’ll be able to do more work in less time, complete coursework more effectively, and retain most of the information you get during lectures. You might be impressed!


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