Conditional Formatting: simple example of the use

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Simple conditional formatting in Microsoft Excel or similar software can be utilized in the learning process.

I think conditional formatting is very easy to implement. Certainly given problem is not as easy as this. I was amazed when I saw the exercise files provided in the form of Microsoft Excel (.xls) files by lecturer in Civil Engineering.

conditional formating - microsoft office excelThese features take advantage of conditional formatting, cell locking, and IF function. See the picture beside.

Conditional formatting is useful to provide highlights if the answers are correct (column D). Cell locking is useful to limit the area that can be edited (except column D). In the score column, use the IF function that will give the value of 10, if the answer is (written in column D) accordance with the answer key placed in column C (hidden).

If you are interested and want to try, please feel free to download sample file. Password to unlock is vmancer.

conditional formating - microsoft office excel

microsoft office excel - protect sheet (cell)

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