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WinPDFEditor is cool. All can be done directly on that PDF document without converting them to Word files or others.

Some time ago I received form in PDF format to be filled with personal data and then send it back. At that time I convert it into Word file first, loaded the requested data, then convert back to PDF format. If I knew WinPDFEditor earlier, I do not need to perform the conversion process twice. The data can be typed directly on the PDF file.

Features of WinPDFEditor

  • Add Text
    WinPDFEditor allows you to set the text font, size and color. The great feature is you can easily fill out the PDF forms now.
  • Remove Content
    There is an Eraser tool in WinPDFEditor, and you can use it to remove any unwanted text or graphics like erasing. You can also change the line weight to make the eraser bigger or smaller.
  • Rotate PDF
    The program has the ability to rotate PDF 90, 180 and 270 degrees for single page and all pages.
  • Insert Image
    You can add images to the PDF and resize them. Supports most popular image formats like JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP and TIF etc.
  • Draw Shapes
    You can use Line, Rectangle, Ellipse and Pen to draw any shapes you want.
  • Watermark
    You can use this function to make an inserted image as watermark for the PDF document.
  • Permanently Save
    WinPDFEditor can save the edited content permanently into the original PDF document, and also allows you to save the content to a new PDF file.
  • Convert PDF
    WinPDFEditor Converter can convert PDF documents to other editable formats like WORD (*.Doc), Text (*.txt), Images (*.JPG, *.TIF, *.BMP, *.GIF, *.PNG), Web page (*.HTML) or Flash (*.SWF).

From so many features of WinPDFEditor, I liked this part:

  • You can type directly on PDF file
  • Watermark as a marker that you made the file
  • PDF conversion to other format

Get WinPDFEditor

WinPDFEditor is cool. I think you should take advantage of this great opportunity, get the license this software for free. Do immediately. This chance close on May 5th, 2013.

Please see on this page download link and license key.


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