Learn Matrix (Determinant) with Microsoft Mathematics

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Are you having trouble with math? If your answer that hard….. I am sure you will change the view after trying this software, Microsoft Mathematics.

Now let’s learn about Matrix with the help of Microsoft Mathematics. In the Matrix, which is often asked is about the determinant, inverse, and transpose.

First, you specify number columns and rows of matrix. Then select what you want to be known from the matrix. More detailed, look at trace shown below.

learn mathematics - matrixlearn mathematics - matrix - enter the number of rows and coloumnslearn mathematics - matrix - example 3 x 3

learn mathematics - matrix - determinant, inverse, transpose, size, reduce

From the picture above….. If you want to know about determinant, inverse, transpose, size, reduce. Just click…..

learn mathematics - matrix - resultSee the picture beside…..

You can see the alternatif solutions. Click the each solution….. and each solution steps will shown like the picture below.

learn mathematics - matrix - solution alternatif 1

learn mathematics - matrix - solution alternatif 2

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